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For our jewellery label Jewels For You, we have very carefully chosen a delicate design vocabulary that emphasises your personality and stands out with its timeless elegance. Delicate means fine and, accordingly, the jewellery requires gentle handling to ensure that it can continue to help you sparkle and bring you joy for a long time.

Traditional metals used in jewellery, such as gold and silver, can wear out over time due to their softness, depending on use. Unavoidable environmental factors also have an impact on your jewellery over time and it loses its natural sparkle. This change will not diminish the value of your jewellery. On the contrary: these traces give the worn surface a personal value.

You can counteract the effects of time by doing the following:

  • protect the jewellery from contact with cosmetics, oils and fats.
  • Remove the jewellery before showering, bathing or visiting the sauna,
  • and do not wear it in the pool or sea: salt and chlorinated water make the jewellery fade.
  • Avoid direct contact with water and chemicals such as soap, perfume and scouring agents.
  • Remove fine debris or sweat, ideally after every wear and using a soft cloth.

In general, metal jewellery that is not set with gemstones is best washed with mild soapy water. Abrasive cleaning materials should not be used under any circumstances as their ingredients may cause irreparable damage to valuable jewellery. As an alternative to mild soap, jewellery can also withstand a splash of mild detergent in the water. A splash of 90% alcohol or ammonia in the soapy water also ensures particularly thorough yet delicate cleaning. Soft dirt particles can also be removed using a soft toothbrush.

If the metal is tarnished, cleaning cloths for gold and silver are recommended. These contain special polishing agents that ensure gentle cleaning of the metal.

After cleaning, the jewellery should be dried thoroughly all over with a fluff-free cloth.

Connoisseurs of the SQUARE and MINIMAL TWIST ranges, take note:

when putting on the delicate bracelets, carefully slip them onto your wrist sideways and do not pull them apart firmly! This avoids breakages and your favourite piece can help you sparkle in perfect shape for a long time.